Social Anxiety Disorder (Social Phobia)

flower3Social Anxiety Disorder, also know as Social Phobia, is a fear of social or performance-type situations. The individual is quite fearful of being embarrassed or feeling like he/she is being evaluated negatively by others. Situations that are commonly problematic include giving a presentation, having a conversation with someone, asserting oneself, eating or signing a check in a public setting, and simply perceiving that one's behavior is being observed by others. This can have quite an impact on an individual's career and/or college functioning. Individuals with Social Phobia are often under-employed because they tend to avoid promotions that might involve more public speaking or increased need to make presentations.

Treatment generally involves helping an individual to gradually alter faulty cognitions or thoughts about whether or not one is truly being evaluated negatively by others. Then, an individual is helped to gradually desensitize himself/herself to public speaking or conversation situations.

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